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  • ·         Nifty billionaire provides very successful Options trading Strategy
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Winning strategy

Its Positional Buying strategy.Thise strategy is developed byGroup of Experts, analysts, big traders and HNI investors and not only strategy but also trading ideas and techniques. Without strategy in stock market trading our hard earned money is gone. This strategy proven by each and every group for consistent and continuous profits with capital safe always and all times in stock market 

In Stock Market
Group of Experts, analysts, big traders and HNI investor’s voice on this strategy benefits 

ü Its very easy and simple to LEARN
ü Its capital safe and consistent and continuous profits
ü Easy to implement by yourself
ü You can do independently and any one can learn easily
ü Its combinational buying trading strategy
ü Protect capital safe from all risks in stock market trading
ü Enjoy the profits even any market conditions
ü Capital safe and get profits in bull, bear, range bound conditions
ü Monthly returns 10% to 20% and more it depends on market moving
ü Whenever you want exit from market you can withdraw money
ü Trading became joy and happiness even gap up and gap down
ü Its for traders, investors, business people, house wives, unemployed
ü Stop  stop  stop to much tension tension
ü Stop all your recurring losses
ü Don’t lose your hard earned money and valuable time.
ü Out of market forever if anyone can do bland trading and lost money
ü Avoid emotional trading if not its tends to huge loss
ü Time is money in option trading and premium is killing is more loss
ü Easy way to cash it option premium killing
ü Tension free and have peace of mind
ü Perfect buying and selling and getting peace of profits all times
ü All hedge traders are rich traders
ü Hedge your trading always
ü Can’t afford to watch market screen full time
ü Can’t read newspaper
ü No need of watch TV
ü No need of buy costly signal software
ü No need to take advisory services
ü Complete tension free trading and place strategy book profits
ü Its one time investment for learning and lifelong useful
ü Anyone can use this strategy they settled financially
ü Boss is you always
ü Once you understand this, nothing and no one can deny you success
ü If you want to be successful, you can be successful

ü If you want to be rich, you can be rich

  We are providing training for winning strategy with simple and

easy way and good small material thro email and telephone

Thank you

Let Your Money Grow with Low cost Prosperities

Now Vishakhapatnam is Hub of Investment

So in and around in Vishakhapatnam is very valuable places for investments.All NRI people are investing in Vishakhapatnam

Value from Vishakhapatnam  is  Vishakhapatnam to 40 to 50 Km is very important




These is opportunity to introduce ourselves as  PROMOTOTERS & LAY OUT DEVELOPERS, registered and friendly organization at VISHAKAPATNAM.

The investor ideas are invest in Vishakhapatnam in and around areas. Our money will grow with in few months. These is the time for investment and the place is Vishakhapatnam.  



Hanuman Naidu Eagalaa Properties  having good experience in real estate and Professionally marketing managers and team.we are developing ventures and Housing projects with high standard and low cost.All  HNI clients and other  country people are investing in Vishakhapatnam continuously. Now Vishakhapatnam is the Earth gold city in India

we are finding and place a ventures , flats duplex houses in prime location and easy development with in short period of time.we also providing security for owner’s prosperities. So these the reason for people are contacting and investing regularly and marketing communications with the people


Project Features

  • Compound Wall for entire layout
  • Block Topping Roads
  • water harvesting pits and parks development
  • Water supply distribution to all
  • Central Median with Land Scoping
  • Under ground drainage system
  • Electrification through underground
  • Lay out surrounded by beautiful natural lakes,rain waters etc…….

Project Highlights

  • Closed to AP Film Development Corporation
  • Near Software parks like Miracle soft,Wipro etc..
  • In future more Information technology will develop
  • close to Gum City,software IT other companies and Tourism spots
  • With Short distance Many more Engineering Collages
  • There Sailors  academy and Marine Engineering
  • Only 30 Min Drive from Vishakhapatnam
  • Only 15 Min Drive from Madhurawada
  • International concept schools
  • closed to many more private Townships

Goal online for investing at Vishakhapatnam

Let Your Money Grow
                                 with Low cost Prosperities

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Hanuman Naidu Eagalaa Properities

call: 92 99 808 799

E-mail: hanumannaidueagalaa@gmail.com